Thanks for stopping by, our team offers all around audio services for your project. Specializing in Mixing and Mastering and Production. We offer quick turn around time and a very professional approach to you and your music. Communication is priority and we make sure your experience is satisfactory. Our services include  Professional Mixing & Mastering • Custom Production • Song Writing and Referencing • Addition of Live Instrumentation to your Work  • Production & Scoring for Movies, TV and Commercials  Audio Enhancement & Manipulation and just about anything else you can think of that requires expertise with audio.


  1. We keep it simple here. All you have to do is learn about us by looking through our website.
  2. Read about the services you are interested in and submit for a price quote.
  3. We reply with a price. If you approve, files are uploaded and we begin.
  4. We work together with you throughout the process until completion, over email or live stream.

NOTE: For a complete understanding of the entire process, please visit the FAQ.


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