Just Manual Pitch and/or Timing Corrections


If you only need pitch and/or timing corrections, you can purchase the same manual corrections we include with our Mixing & Mastering packages.

Included with this package:

  • 5 e-mail revisions
  • Manual pitch corrections to tune vocals and correct other pitch errors to make vocals sound naturally in tune.
  • Correct timing issues and have backing vocals and harmonies sound more together.
  • Correct timing for an acoustic drum performance.
  • Money-Back Guarantee for First-Time buyers!
Please select which service you need. If you select both, an additional fee will be added.
If you need more than one tracks pitch corrected, please select how many additional tracks you will be purchasing.
Do you need any additional tracks timed with this purchase?
Feel free to include any notes about your project that weren't asked about above
Projects for signed artists and record labels may be subject to different terms of use. Be sure to read our Terms Of Service before purchasing if you answer yes here.
Would you be okay with us showcasing your song in our gallery after its release date? We would, of course, confirm it is released already before posting it.