Live Drum Performance


If you have the ideas but not the performance, let a live drummer record the part for you. You can also check out our Digital Drum services by clicking here.

You can send your ideas through a mapped MIDI drums, recorded drum audio, or by providing songs that have the style you would like to have for the performance.

Live Drum Performance includes:

  • 1 live performance by a drummer
  • 3 different drum takes for the song
  • All individual drum tracks after completion
  • Money Back Guarantee for first-time buyers!
If you just need add-ons, select yes do remove the cost of a brand new purchase.
Please list some artists or songs that have the sound and style you would like to go for.
You drum performance comes with three takes that vary in performance or style. You can purchase more takes here if you'd like.
You can purchase email revisions to ask for changes to specific drum takes during your production.
You can upgrade the song you are purchasing this part for to be mixed and mastered by us as well!
Feel free to include any notes about your project that weren't asked about above
Projects for signed artists and record labels may be subject to different terms of use. Be sure to read our Terms Of Service before purchasing if you answer yes here.
Would you be okay with us showcasing your song in our gallery after its release date? We would, of course, confirm it is released already before posting it.