Standard Session


Mixing standard size songs with up to 40 tracks with Mix Studios is all inclusive! The size of your song will determine the price. Size is determined by the amount of tracks (What Are Tracks?) in your song. Your song would fall under the “Large Size” package if it had 55 tracks because Large Packages cover 41-60 tracks. Each of these packages have 3 and 5 song discounts.

You can choose from 1, 3 or 5 song packages on our Mixing & Mastering page. After choosing the correct package, you can fill in all the details during the order process. Save 10% when buying 3 songs and save 20% (5th song free!) when buying 5 songs. 

The Treatment

Your song will go through the entire studio process in any way necessary. Editing, vocal pitch correction, vocal and instrument timing correction, drum replacements, added FX, delays, reverbs, EQ, compression and then final Mastering to top it off.

Standard Size Songs with up to 40 tracks each start at $249 and come with:

  • Mixing up to 40 tracks
  • Unlimited timing corrections
  • Mastering
  • 5 email revisions
  • 1 hour of live streaming revision time.
  • Money-back Guarantee For First-time buyers

Save 10% when buying 3 at once or save 20% when buying 5 at once (5th song free!)

Do you need to guarantee your project's timeline? You cant purchase rush services and get your first mix for approval within 48 hours of your purchase.
Feel free to include any notes about your project that weren't asked about above
Projects for signed artists and record labels may be subject to different terms of use. Be sure to read our Terms Of Service before purchasing if you answer yes here.
Would you be okay with us showcasing your song in our gallery after its release date? We would, of course, confirm it is released already before posting it.